Sunday, November 15, 2015


6 Reasons You’ll Love Reading –

The DEMON DAYS Book Series

You love reading novels with a Female as the Main Character

The four books in the DEMON DAYS Saga showcase two very smart, complicated and strong female main characters. Sandy Travis and Jenna Grant are modern professional women who end up confronting the deadly conspiracy while going about their professional and personal lives. And both use their professional expertise in an attempt to save the people they love.

Your Genre of Choice is Supernatural/Modern World  

The Scariest Scary can be Reality. Your house is not haunted, but somehow your life has become invaded/surrounded by dark forces who impact your life, and attempt to control those you love and care about.

You enjoy reading books that feel like a rollercoaster ride

Who doesn’t love the experience of turning the pages in a book faster and faster because there’s no way to guess where the story is taking you.  

You enjoy a Thrill Ride, but also love some substance  

The DEMON DAYS Book Series are peppered with insights about who we are, how we think, and what is in play as human beings living in a modern, complicated world that is always changing –

It has a dark take on Near-Death Experiences

When we venture beyond our home we are naturally vulnerable to those who prey on our journey in a new environment. Could this be especially true as one fights to survive during a NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE? Wouldn’t we be the most vulnerable in the transition from life to… death.

Other Readers love the Books

“I started recommending this one not long after I started reading it.”

                                                                                - Shannon

“I had fun and felt like I couldn't get enough. This would make a great TV series in the tradition of 'The Walking Dead', 'V', and 'Hell on Wheels'.”

                                                                                - Stephen

“This book series will fascinate people that love Near-Death Experiences, mystery, horror, suspense, wild rides, romance and history buffs.”

                                                                                - Mitzi

“The characters in this book series are beautifully crafted and there is an extremely intricate plot that all slots together perfectly. You just couldn’t ask for a better book.

                                                                                - Katy

“The holy grail of Apocalyptic literature!”

                                                                                - Terry

When I wasn't reading the Book Series I was thinking about it.  I'm willing to bet if this falls into the right hands we will be seeing a movie. Yes, it’s that good. 

                                                                                - Duchovney

Never have I read a book so full of intriguing plot changes that can keep you guessing ‘til the very end.
                                                                                - Kitty